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Blue Coin Select
20 Bond

Blue Coin Select 20 Bond is a physically backed exchange traded product (ETP) that offers investors a simple, safe and cost-effective way to gain diversified exposure to the crypto asset market.

What is Blue Coin?

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Blue Coin Emissions GmbH, a public limited liability company, registered in Germany, issued an asset-backed note, which is used for the purchase of up to 20 different crypto currencies on the most common exchanges and platforms.


Blue Coin Emissions GmbH holds the underlying crypto assets in cold storage equal to 100% of the value of the notes at all times with institutional grade security and custody solution.


The Blue Coin Select 20 Bond is included in the Vienna Stock Exchange Market (Vienna MTF) with the ISIN: DE000A30V2E6



The assets attributable to the bonds consist of the Coins, which were acquired from the proceeds of the issue of the bond (bond capital), credit balances held with domestic and foreign banks, brokers and on accounts with crypto exchanges and/or platforms, cash assets and other assets that are attributable to the bondholders.

Issue price, minimum subscription

The term of the bond began on 07.11.2022 and it was issued at a price of 100 at the 17.02.2023. 

This is an open-end bond (bond with no fixed maturity).The minimum subscription volume is EUR 100,000.00 (Euro one hundred thousand) per bondholder, but only until the issuer has published an approved prospectus for a public offering of the Bond.

Use of legal proceeds

The proceeds of the issue of the Bond will be used to purchase up to 20 different cryptocurrencies (together the “Coins”) on established crypto exchanges or crypto platforms. When selecting the 20 coins, market capitalization, liquidity and tradability are the main focus. 

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